Kelvin Thermal Technologies.

Our founders, through their academic endeavours, have been instrumental in the development of ultra thin, ultra effective Thermal Ground Planes [ TGP's]. Being part of a multi-million dollar DARPA study over a number of years they have developed a design and with an exclusive relationships with Colorado University, created and secured rights to a portfolio of intellectual Property resulting in the formation of Kelvin Thermal Technologies, Inc.


Y.C. Lee [[email protected]]

  • Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering, University of Minnesota, 1984.
  • AT&T Bell Labs at Murray Hill, 1984-1989.
  • University of Colorado Boulder, 1989-present; Professor of ME.
  • Research on system integration of microelectronic, microwave, optical and MEMS/NEMS devices.
  • ASME InterPACK Achievement Award 2013; Editor of ASME J. of Electronic Packaging (2014-19)


Ronggui Yang [[email protected]]

  • Ph.D in Mechanical Engineering, MIT, 2006.
  • University of Colorado, Boulder, 2006 – present; Associate Professor of ME.
  • Research on thermal management, thermoelectrics, modeling and characterization of electrical and thermal transport at small scales.
  • 2008 TR35 Award; 2010 ASME Bergles-Rohsenow Young Investigator in Heat Transfer
  • Chair for ASME Nanoengineering for Energy and Sustainability Steering Committee