Applications and Technologies

Application Drivers



Low power applications (2 to 50 Watts) include smartphones, tablets, laptop PCs, ARs/VRs. The main performance measure is the skin temperature controlled by the vaport transport in TGP. Click this link for TGPs developed for low power applications.

High power and/or high heat flux applications (50 to 500 Watts and/or 100 to 1,000 W/cm²) include GaN/SiC power electronics, battery packs, edge computers and cloud computers. The main performance measure is the junction temperature controlled by the evaporation heat transfer in TGP. Click this link  for TGPs developed for high power and/or high heat flux applications.


Kelvin Thermal TGP's Basic Configuration


Kelvin Thermal’s TGP is commonly known as vapor chamber or 2-D heat pipe. As shown in the figure, it  is based on a novel design that uses flexible printed circuit (FPC) boards with precise but low-cost features. TGP's heat spreading is accomplished through evaporation, vapor transport, condensation and liquid return flow. This phase-change heat transfer is the most effective means to spread heat from chips to the entire TGP having much lower heat fluxes for the next cooling scheme. We have established a strong portfolio of intellectual properties (IPs) with novel features. Kelvin Thermal is well positioned to lead the world with unique and useful thermal solutions enabled by TGPs.


Kelvin Thermal’s TGP offers the following features: thin, large size, flexible, conformable, deformable, foldable, super isothermal, high heat flux and low cost.