Kelvin Thermal Technology Outline. 






This brief and simple Video shows the effectiveness of TGP as compared to a raw copper coupon. Both TGP and copper samples are exposed to ambient natural air convection in a room. As shown in Figure 10, with a 1inch x 1inch heater placed at the center of each sample, the temperature difference between an upper region and the center was about 0.6 oC for the TGP sample with 4 W input. 

This temperature difference was increased to  5.4 oC for the copper coupon with the same 4 W input.  Based on these results, it is clear that the thin TGP is far superior to a simple copper heat-sink.  

Its thermal performance is well beyond that of copper with a thermal conductivity of 400 W/mK.  The TGP performance is not a material property; it is affected by the condenser temperatures, orientation and different parameters associated with the TGP configuration.  From these results, the thin TGP’s effective thermal conductivity is in the range between 1,500 to 2,000 W/mK. 

TGP = 4 to 5 times the effective thermal conductivity of raw copper. 





Kelvin TGP Background and Potential Application areas. 





The world today would not be the same without electronics. Smart phones and tablets are an essential part of the human experience and continue to play an integral role in our society and culture. The drive to offer more continues and manufacturer’s of electronics face a never ending struggle between delivering greater computing power and managing the heat generated. Excessive heat robs products of performance, reduces the product lifetime and, worst of all, impacts the user experience. The drive to thinner and smaller more abstract form factors adds to the challenge. Our (Thermal Ground Plane) offers an extremely thin [0.25mm] thermal management technology that provides extensive improvements over other thermal management methods. The Kelvin Thermal IP and know-how are closely related to the science and technology developed through a DARPA-funded Thermal Ground Plane (TGP) Project ($4.5M, 2007-2013 45 person-year) resulting in a solid knowledge and technology base being established.


Flexible TGP’s effective thermal conductivities are 4X to 10X higher than copper. Its manufactureability is excellent due to its use of flexible circuit board technologies. TGPs can be designed to fit any cavity making it the most flexible solution to today's form factor challenges enabling linear, curved and asymmetric geometries to be accommodated.

The TGP offers the possibility of being both the thermal as well as electrical substrate with better thermal performance and greater adaptability than simple copper or graphite. The Kelvin Thermal TGP changes the design rules for electronics and enables the next generation of products.