Kelvin Thermal in the news

Tuesday May 12, 2015 comments

Here is a list of news reports about Kelvin Thermal:

CU Boulder News Release, Feb 17th Lindsey Lennox,

Daily Camera, 2/23/2015,

The Ferret (Australian news source), By Isaac Leung, Feb 18, 2015,

Electronics Cooling News: Feb 20, 2015,

Denver Sun Times,

Biz West,

World News,

Innovation News, Feb 19th,

Boulderopolis, Doug Storum, Feb 19, 2015,

University of Colorado Tech Transfer Blog,

Colorado News, Feb 18th, 2015,

University of Colorado Hospital’s Pink Life Saver’s shared us on Facebook,, BY Max Page: February 24th, on Flipboard, scottjr/Feb 17, 2015,, Isaac Leung (again), February 19th,

Breaking new (international news portal) This was regenerated from the news cite,

Twitter (Whoa!), 36 Tweets,

IP Wire,

Some random blog, Feb. 17 , 2015,


Cooling, John O,,


Digital, From Biz West,

Scott Amyx, Feb. 18th,

Twitter Search,



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